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When a client or prospect enters a financial advisor's lobby or meeting room, they are often met with CNBC playing or a bland PowerPoint presentation.

I set out to change that for advisors who wanted to ensure a positive interaction as soon as a guest entered their space.

I also knew that you and your office don’t want to be held up by waiting for someone on the “outside” to update your screens which is why we give you the control to update the most important items on your screen from the simplicity of updating a spreadsheet on a browser.

We have thought of everything to make this as easy and impactful as possible for your office to use. After our team designs and creates your personal signage, we will mail you the equipment to plug into your screen and you will be set up in no time. If you have a TV in your office, this will transform what you display.

We are slow rolling this out, and only taking on 10 clients per month.

Be the first to get this in your office by reserving your spot with the form below. I look forward to working with you!

Marcus Rangel
Owner | Rare Breed Screens

“a gamechanger for our client experience!”

kenneth stephenson | complete financial solutions
Kenneth Review

If you want to make sure your prospects and clients have an incredible experience in your office...

Personalized signage for your office is the answer. It is one of the only solutions that can guarantee your prospects or clients will remember the positive experience they had at your office.

How we personalize your screens

welcome mr. and mrs. jones

Display your prospect or clients name on your screens.

Instantly show that you and your team have pulled out a “red carpet” experience for any of your guests.


Name Example
Use Testimonials

"I would

highly recommend...

Showcase your testimonials to give instant credibility for your meeting.

Not only do they give an immediate boost to your credibility, but they also provide an honest account of what it's like to work with your company.

your screen your experience

We tailor every screen for each advisor office we work with.

Your brand, your videos, your story - all displayed on your screens.



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$2500 Setup 
$399 Setup 

$119 per month (each screen)
$59 per month (each screen)

  • Choose one from one of our advisor templates

  • Digital Signage Media Player Equipment (all you need is a TV)

  • Easily Updates Visitor Names

  • Personalized Ticker For Your Client Experience

  • Content Storage (Photos/Videos)

  • Implementation Video Training

Advisor Screen Frameworks